Puppy Visits

Introducing a new puppy into your family is an exciting experience for you and your pup! Those first few weeks are vital for socialising and training, in order for your fur baby to grow into a happy sociable dog. We understand the importance of your puppy's care, that is why we offer puppy visits that are tailored to your pups individual needs! Our 30-minute visits can break up the day whilst you are out. We send you regular updates with adorable photographs of your little one so you can be rest assured your puppy's needs are taken care of.


Our puppy visits include:

  • Toilet training

  • Basic commands

  • Cleaning water/food bowls

  • Refreshing water/food 

  • Playtime

  • Cuddles

  • Gentle exercise 

  • Lights on/off

  • Curtains open/closed

  • Home security check

puppy care in Finchley